Instructions for interactive session

Dear Author

Poster Size and Instruction:

One poster board will be allocated for each presentation. The maximum size for the posters is 33 inches (height) by 23 inches (width) [A1 sized paper approx.]. Refer the sample file. In case of difficulty, authors can print two A2 size papers and pin-them onto board

Each poster should be defended by at-least one of the authors in person during the respective poster session slot as given in the program schedule. The title of your poster should be written across the top of the poster, clearly visible from a distance of 5 feet. The remaining contents of the poster should be clearly visible from a distance of 2-3 feet. Below the tile, include the names of the authors and their affiliations. A brief introduction should appear at the upper left of the poster, below the title and authors’ details. The conclusions should appear at the lower right. Methods and results can fill the remaining space. It is a good idea to present the contents of the poster in a logical progression through your poster – this will help the viewers. Presenters should refrain from using more than 1 font style.

The poster preparation instructions are general.
Authors can present with alternative themes, but adhere to paper size.