Instructions to Authors 

The following paper submission policies will be applicable for InCAP 2018.


Papers submitted to InCAP 2018 shall contain original work by the author(s) that have not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere . The IEEE anti-plagiarism policy is applicable to all submissions. The author(s) are solely responsible for any plagiarized  submission

Paper Submission: 

All papers must be specifically prepared and submitted in the IEEE Standard two - column conference format of A4 size in English. Papers must be TWO to FOUR pages in length, including texts, figures, photographs and references. Any submitted paper that excceeds four pages will be rejected. The first page must include the title of the paper, author(s), affliliations , address and text. Please do not include page numbers on submitted documents. Failing to conform to the standard format will result in rejection. Detailed format information is available in IEEE Website.

The authors are required to use the standard IEEE manuscript template for conferences. The Microsoft Word template in A4 page size can be downloaded from here and the LaTeX template (as a zip file) can be downloaded from here. Alternatively, the templates can be downloaded (both Microsoft Word in A4 size and LaTeX formats) from IEEE conference templates page:

InCAP 2018 follows single-blind review process – so please include all authors’ name and affiliation in the paper while submitting for review.

The paper shall consist of original and previously unpublished work, including specific results. The introduction of the paper shall clearly indicate the unique aspects of the submission and how it is related to the previous work.

All paper submissions must be electonic, using IEEE Xplore compliant PDF format ( *.pdf). Failure to do so may result in the rejection of the paper. Embedded Type 1 or True Type fonts are required in the submitted PDF file as subset fonts. Type 3 fonts (bitmaps) will not be accepted.

Authors can use the IEEE PDF eXpress to generate compliant PDF Files.

Paper Upload :

All papers must be submitted in PDF or as a Microsoft Word Document via EasyChair : The submitting authors may be required to create an EasyChair account before uploading the paper (if the submitting author does not have an EasyChair account). While uploading the paper, the authors should provide the title of the paper, an abstract of no more than 250 words and keywords in the respective text boxes in the paper submission page.

Please note that all accepted papers and posters that are registered and presented in the conference will be sent for publication in IEEE Xplore .

The authors must agree to the IEEE copyright conditions and sign the IEEE copyright form as part of the online submission process. All submitted papers will be peer reviewed by the Technical Progam and Review Committees (TPC/TRC). One registration would entertain the accepted paper up to two except for student registrations which will only entertain one accepted paper. Student innovative project competition submission deadline extended to August 15, 2018

Paper Presentation :

( Will be given subsequently)

Poster Preparation:

( Will be given subsequently)

Student paper Contest: 

a). Written Submission

Only one submission per student is allowed for the student paper competition (SPC).

For consideration in the student paper competition, the studnet must be the oly student author and must be first author in the paper. Each of the other co-authors must submit a signed letter indicating that his/her contribution tot the paper is primarily advisory.( For example..a paper with a student author and three co-advisors would have three letters submitted from the co-advisers at the time of submission). The letters must be in PDF format and must be uploaded via this website at the time of papers submission .

b). Evaluation of Written Submissions

SPC Submissions shall be evaluated either as oral or poster presentation in whichever category they are assigned to by the TPC. A panel of judges shall evaluate papers based on the quality of written content, oral presentation, innovation and potential practical application.

c). Awards

There are several awards instituted by the InCAP Organizing Committee. Please refer to the website for details of the awards and travel grants .

Deadline Extended for Paper Submission: 15 August 2018